Truck Driving Lessons in Mississauga about Maintaining Your Fleet for Smooth Performance Part 1

Having a truck to drive gets difficult on road for multiple reasons. This counts on the different kind of road conditions, hazards and climatic conditions. To add, it gets specifically difficult when your fleet has a breakdown in the middle of the road. Your entire tour gets impacted resulting in delayed delivery and also is a thumbs down for your performance. 

To avoid such complications from occurring that might have a negative impact on your career, knowledge is necessary. At Safety First Truck Driver Academy as the name already suggests, we prioritize safety first. Today through this post, we would like to share some tips as to how you can keep your truck running smooth. These maintenance tricks would be useful for both new drivers on road as well as those who have just cleared their truck driving lessons in Brampton

  1. Keep track of your fleet’s maintenance: This implies that keeping log of all the maintenance and services done of your truck would help you manage your truck better. This would help you know what might be needing some attention at a certain point of time.
  2. Inspect your truck regularly: Regular running tests and inspecting your fleet helps you save a lot of money as you can fix up minor issues at low cost. This should be done especially in case of the primary components of your truck.
  3. Check your tires and brakes: Keeping a check on the brakes and tires before every long trip saves you from hazardous situations on road. It ensures your safety and also is a good thing to do and serves you well in the long run.
  4. Regularly change engine oil: To avoid failure of your truck’s engine, this point is extremely necessary to take care of. Remember maintenance is better than collapse.

Today with these 4 points we believe we have given you a basic idea of how to maintain your fleet’s good condition. We would come with part 2 of this blog very soon. Stay tuned with us! For truck driving school in Brampton, contact Safety First Truck Driver Academy now:

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