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At Safety First Truck Driver Academy Our Training Is Focused On Giving You Exposure To The Best Practices And Insure That You Learn The Essential Skills You Need To Launch Your Career.

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    Award winner of Safety Awards, Safety First Truck Driver Academy Instructors have more then 20 Years of truck driving exprience. You should choose us as your truck driving school in Mississauga because:

    There are more than 1,000 careers to choose from with varying degrees of job satisfaction, job security, earning capacity, and ease of entry. If you are looking for a job that ranks high in each of these categories, becoming a commercial truck driver could be exactly what you are looking for. It can be a rewarding and exciting career, not to mention being relatively easy to get into. With the help of a commercial truck driving school, you can prepare yourself for a career that is in high demand and will always be looking for qualified people.

    We offer training in packages that include both lessons and one or two road tests, as well as the materials, forms, and application to prepare you for a truck driving career. With our concise but thorough training and affordable pricing, you could be ready to get behind the wheel in your new occupation in less than 2 months. Instead of committing several years to a college education and getting thousands of dollars in student loan debt, you could be joining the many others who have found a rewarding career behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle in less time and with less financial investment than you might think. Contact our commercial truck driving school today to learn more!

    • Our instructors offer safe on road experience.
    • Lesson plans are curated as per individual needs.
    • We train on all 7 days at your preferred time slot.

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    Our name itself says that we prioritize safety. We offer safe truck driving lessons in Brampton. This is what we emphasize on throughout the training procedure.

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