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Refresher Courses

Refresher Courses

Having getting access to license most of us are prone to developing driving habits which are unhealthy. This course is to get back on track and to develop healthy and safe driving practices. We begin with levels such as A class lessons in Brampton and offer trainings for heavy vehicless too.

Driving on road is a responsible task and it involves alertness and knowledge of driving. The program enables you to refresh your knowledge and skills thoroughly.For truck driving lessons in Brampton, Call us now.

Pre trip inspection is the first step towards your trouble free journey on the road .Our experienced instructors refresh your knowledge in how to complete your Pre Trip Inspection of the vehicle in step by step sequence.

The importance of Defensive driving is Paramount. The relation between SPACE MANAGMENT AND SPEED is well explained through mentor talk with our experienced Instructors

The Another aspect is your Route /trip planning. You will be made aware of the things you would need to keep in mind while planning your trip .This also includes map reading in case your gps stops working.

Licenced drivers who have not spent much time on the truck after taking licence ,needs to familiarize themselves with AIR BRAKE SAFETY INSPECTION. The process to check air leaks,pushrod stroke, pressure buildup rate and importance of checking Low air buzzer are taught .

We provide truck and trailer for practicing Local and Highway driving under the keen guidance of our Instructors. This helps the licenced drivers to get more confident and comfortable on the road.

Securing the load is very important. Companies get penalised if they brought a damaged load to its destination and and they loose thousands of dollars .These damages most of the time are preventable. Simple few tricks can do the job if done at right time. We show how to actually secure your load in different scenarios. Students are also taught how to adjust axle weights on there truck and trailer

As the name suggests the refreshers are given the explanation of the common rules and regulations followed in Canada and USA.

We provide tractor and trailer for different types of backing maneuvers such as alley dock backing,offset and straight backing.

Coupling /uncoupling is important part of truck driving . We provide practice in coupling uncoupling practice to freshers.

Putting on tire chains is a challenge. Few provinces in canada have made it Mandatory to have tire chains in the winter months. We do provide training in this aspect as well.

Hours of service are mandated through out North America. Canada and USA have different sets of rules regarding HOS. We teach students how to prepare /write their log books and also provide information about the regulations.

We provide general information of dos and don'ts at the shipping /receiving of customers.

We teach how to prepare a Bill of lading .The importance of delivery receipts. What information to look for in the bill of lading of the shipper before you leave the shipper.

There are certain things to keep in mind when hauling dangerous goods. We give information on general dos and don'ts if you are hauling Dangerous goods.

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